Solar Maximiser

The APOLLO Series Solar Maximiser enables households and business to be solar powered with minimal hardware investment. The device enables you to use existing infrastructure such as inverters, batteries, while purchasing just solar panels and cables. The Solar Maximiser is sleek and wall mountable. Unlike traditional solar hybrid inverters, the intelligence built in to this device enables you to maximize use of solar power generated and ensure user-selected battery reserve is maintained. In addition, the device provides protection to inverters and batteries from voltage spikes and surges.

Unique features
  • Maximise solar utilisation with intelligent Power Source Selection algorithm - All the solar power generated is used to either provide for your load or store them in batteries for future use. Helps reduce your electricity bill and your return on investment is faster.
  • Power through longer power cuts -Unlike traditional solar hybrid inverters, the BTM Solar Maximiser with its user selectable battery reserve selection, keep your batteries are charged using solar / grid power when available to ensure that you have power during load shedding.
  • Compatible with any model / make Inverter/UPS- The intelligence built into the Solar Maximiser, you can power your existing inverters using solar thereby eliminating the need to purchase new solar inverters. This reduces your initial investment to go solar.
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Works with 12-240 V DC system
  • Future expandable design - works with any battery capacity providing the ability to size up your system at any time with no additional investment
  • Load rating up to 15KVA
  • Mains over-voltage protection - protects your valuable equipments
  • Spark-free changeover - ensures long term reliability
Real Time Operating Parameters Monitored
  • PV Voltage
  • Mains Voltage (AC RMS)
  • Battery Voltage
  • Charging Current (Effective Modulus Value)
  • Discharging Current (Effective Modulus Value)
  • Battery SoC
  • Displays current source of power
  • Over Voltage Cut-off
  • Reserve Limit
Intelligent Source Selection Algorithm

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