Solar Energy Monitoring Displays

Solar Energy Monitoring Displays
  • The intelligent Solar Energy Monitoring Displays from TORP Systems enable you to monitor the performance of your PV Solar system.
  • The aesthetically designed wall-mounted units featuring LEDs displays communicates with a wide range of Energy meters with differenet communication interfaces such as RS232/485/422 and Pulse Interface to display useful information such as Current Power generation of your PV System and Total Energy generated by your system thus far.. These smart displays have the option of sending alerts to your mobile devices during events as well as an automatic meter reading system.
  • The display units can also monitor inverter alarms and alert the user when such an event occurs.
  • The attractive display artwork can be customised with customer logos and artwork.
  • Optionally, multiple monitoring displays can be installed for a single PV System with the option of interfacing to a Computer.