Solar Data Logger

Solar Data Logger
  • The Solar Data Logger (SDL) from TORP Systems is a Remote Solar Plant monitoring equipment which enables you to collect and store important data regarding the health and performance of your PV Solar plant.
  • The system collects relevant information from yourinverters, energy meters and vital sensors such as irradiation and cell temperature sensors and stores the information automatically in our TORP servers with automatic storage in on-board memory during network outages.
  • The historical data can then be viewed through our TORP web portal which provides an easy interface to view your data and perform related analytics.
  • The equipment works with a wide variety of industry standard inverters and energy meters.
  • The system can also be integrated with TORP’s Solar Display units to display power and energy generation data locally as well as remotely.
Key Features
  • Interface to Solar irradiance, cell temperature, humidity, ambient temperature sensors and weather stations.
  • Interfacing the billing energy meters; supports import/export meters, multi-function meters, and Static KWh meters with digitalinterface in the plant with provision to add multiple meters and/or sub-plants within a plant.
  • Supports wide variety of inverters - RefuSol, ABB Central and String Inverters, Zever Solar Inverters, Delta Inverters and Huawei Inverters.
  • Possible to connect different types/models of inverters within a single plant.
  • On-Board GPRS module, no need of external modems and routers for network connectivity. Algorithm to maximize the data communication even during weak network signal conditions.
  • Stores all data to the on-board non-volatile memory during network unavailability with provision to recover data to PC in case of hardware failure.
  • Server synchronised on-board data logger clock used for the data time stamp.
  • The key config parameters in the logger can be modified from the cloud server.
  • Auxiliary plant components such us String Monitoring boxes,Rain Sensors, can be connected.