Power Level Adjuster

Power Level Adjuster
  • The intelligent Power Level Adjuster (PLA) from TORP Systems enable you to monitor the output of your PV Solar system and control power generated from being exported to the grid.
  • This helps save money in grid-tied systems where there are no incentives or penalized for energy export.
  • In addition it offers protection to Diesel Generators when synchronized with the PV System. The unit's LCD displays actual energy imported and exported along with billing meter details.
  • The PLA from TORP Systems works for any plant size / capacity and eliminates the need to use expensive PLC and SCADA systems to perform power control function.
Key Features
  • Helps prevents additional electricity bill caused by Export of excess solar to grid, especially on holidays when power consumption is low
  • It protects Diesel Generators during synchronization with solar grid-tied systems.
  • No need of dedicated import-export meter for export measurement, displays actual import and Export along with the Billing meter details on the LCD screen.
  • Optional External interface is available.
  • Suitable for any plant size/Capacity.
  • Very less self power consumption.
  • Isolated from high voltage DC and AC buses.