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Focus On Safety

Regardless of whether it is a rooftop photovoltaic system on a production site, a utility solar power plant or a multi-megawatt solar park, our solar projects are customised solutions.

Adhere to Standards

Whether acting as a EPC contractor or project developer, the quality and dependability of all components and parts installed are vital to ensuring a photovoltaic project delivers optimal

Lowest Energy Cost

Sourcing of key components which is technology neutral; major partners for solar panels include Q Cells (crystalline Si and Thin Film), REC Solar, GCL Solar, Trina Solar.

Our Products & Services
Solar Maximiser

Solar Maximiser enables households and business to be solar powered with minimal hardware investment. The device enables you to use existing....

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Solar Energy Displays

The intelligent Solar Energy Monitoring Displays from TORP Systems enable you to monitor the performance of your PV Solar system. The ...

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Power Level Adjuster

The intelligent Power Level Adjuster (PLA) from TORP Systems enable you to monitor the output of your PV Solar system and control ...

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Rooftop & Ground Mount EPC

TORP Systems are one of the top 15 Rooftop solar EPC companies in the country (Ref: solar quarter) With ....

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Engineering Services

We provide our clients detailed consulting for estimating and creating specs document for their solar requirements...

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O & M

We at TORP can provide regular cleaning, operation and maintenance of your already installed solar plant...

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